Running and Depression

Eleven months ago I broke the club 2000m steeplechase record by half a second, and two days later was in hospital for emergency shoulder surgery. A few hours ago I ran the 3000m steeplechase in 9:33, twelve seconds inside the English Championships qualifying standard and a club record by the same margin, having raced 10k on the track less than a day before.

Thank you dearly to everyone who’s offered support and encouragement over what has been a hugely variable three hundred and thirty seven days. For the last ten years, depression has regrettably been an important part of my life, and I’ll be writing quite a bit about it and mental health in general on my blog over the next several weeks. Injuries, illnesses and stress make a huge difference, and although there are inevitably some low points, sport has made a huge difference in my experience, particularly since I started taking competitive running seriously two years ago, and this is a lot of what I write about.

I had meant to write something for depression awareness week last month, but never got round to making the notes something complete. If anyone’s reading this thinking they’ve felt something similar, please do have a word with someone close, it’s not always easy but it nearly always helps!

(This was also posted on Facebook, and I might add a bit more here soon)


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