Poem – on depression

The words sit still upon the page, lifeless markings show their age,
The life they need lies in your mind, a step ahead, a step behind,
These books you turned to, seeking solace, offer only sealed doors,
Look at your feet, the steps are blood, making scars upon the floors.

These incisions, cuts remain, upon the mind, not form, a stain,
Not to be shown off, or seen, forever hidden by a screen.
For this is a wall of lies, that veils cruelly what’s within,
Its opaque surface lets in none, turns all joy into a sin.

But the others still will help, to seek to breach this shadowed wall,
Bodies flung against its side, when it cracks, they’ll break your fall.
Do not forget to ask, to call, to try to send your message through,
You’ll need to shout, you’ll need to scream, most outside just say you’re blue


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