About (What? The answer is 42)

I started this blog in 2012, and for a year and a half maintained an entirely unplanned structure of publishing one entry every six months. After repeating this twice, the tireless blog machine halted.

Despite writing nothing here for two years, it was stumbled upon six times by those wandering across the internet, and managed not to fade into nothingness. Having now returned with renewed determination and more than thirty months of experiences, much has changed!

I started running in 2012 as a light pastime, the same way you might start flossing, if you did so once or twice a week. I must confess I floss less, but hopefully the point arrives unencumbered by this admission. There have been many injuries, to which much proverbial paper has been devoted, and many good races (likewise).

Despite my love of the sport, there are a lot of other interests floating around. Like writing mediocre poems. At the moment almost everything here is either running, poetry, or running poetry, but should you desire whimsical musings or more serious thoughts on any particular topic, do let me know in the comments and I shall try to make something happen.

I have some influence over the writer of this blog, perhaps coming a close second to jelly beans and the promise of more jelly beans to come, so hopefully requests made in that manner can largely be honoured. I am on Facebook and Twitter with varying degrees of success, I did study anthropology (hence the title), and am, by and large, somewhat bad at taking life seriously.


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